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May 11, 2011

Dear Dillard’s Supplier,

We are happy to announce a new application on our ebiz site that your Internal ebiz administrator has access to, PO retransmit requests.

This allows anyone in your company that has security for this new Application to request a po retransmit without emailing our edi Department. You simply key in the po#(s) you would like to retransmit, Select the retransmit option & submit. By submitting the retransmit you Automatically agree that your company is aware this is a retransmit and You will not double ship. Retransmit request that are submitted before 12am central time will transmit overnight and be available for your edi Department to pull from your mailbox the next morning. If you need to Cancel a retransmit for any reason there is also an option for that as Long as you do it the same day you submitted the request and you cancel before midnight.

There is no cost from dillard’s for you to use this new application

Instructions for administrators

1. Select user security
2. Choose the id you are giving retransmit security for and click edit
3. Under access check the box beside dpor main menu and click save

If your company does not have an ebiz administrator we can send you an Ebiz administrator request form.

Instructions for users

1. Once your administrator has given you security select po retransmit From the drop down menu under start here
3. Enter the po#’s that you need to retransmit (must be all 10 digits)
And click submit to go to the retransmit screen
4. Check the retransmit box and click submit
5. After you submit you will see a message to let you know if the po Retransmit was successful or if there are any errors with the request