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September 23, 2008

Read this story to see how Data Conversion can help you!

Data Conversions

You can utilize the Data Conversion Setup window in EDI Complete to easily translate the data your Trading Partner sends to another value you need. For example, you can convert your customer’s item number into your item number. But, did you know you can use any table for a data conversion?

With the ODBC operators built into the Map Designer, you can use tables from your backend system as a data conversion. Using this method, you won’t have to maintain duplicate data in both EDI Complete and your backend system!

Data Conversion Automatic Import from all_cust.csv

Did you know that you can dynamically add data to the data conversion tables in EDI Complete? For example, if your customer sends the 816 document to communicate new store addresses and updates. We can help you build a map that will automatically add this information to your data conversion tables.

The next time you receive a purchase order (850) from your customer, you will be guaranteed to always have the current address for the store. No more manually keying in all those addresses!

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