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October 27, 2008

How to Create Multiple T-Set Types from One Inbound Document

The WebSource Turnaround function is unique to the industry and gives 1 EDI Source customers a decided advantage when dealing with their EDI, as it allows them to efficiently and accurately turn Inbound EDI data into Outbound with a minimal amount of data entry.

But it is more powerful than merely being able to turn a document into a single additional type of document. Here is an example: recently one of our very capable EDI WebSource Consultants worked with a customer who required more than the turnaround function in order to help keep their data flow moving efficiently. With a little imagination and innovation, we implemented a solution which was able to provide just what they needed.

The customer in question was receiving hundreds of 850 purchase orders from their trading partner, and they needed to turn those 850’s around into 940’s for their warehouse. The issue was exacerbated when they received 945’s back from their warehouse, since those transaction sets needed to be turned into 856’s in WebSource. As you can imagine, the process of turning 850’s into 940s and then 945’s into 856’s was requiring massive amounts of time.

Our consultant was able to modify the mapping in EDI Complete so that when an 850 is received from the trading partner, the map not only writes the 850 to WebSource, it also writes the 940 warehouse shipping order to the WebSource Drafts folder. Since all of the data necessary to create the 940 is available in the 850, we can create the 940 and make it available for our customer to review and send the data.

Our proficient consultant was also able to implement a solution for the 945 to 856 problem, which was conceptually the same, but in implementation actually more robust since the 945 writes out an 856 for each of the customers’ trading partners based on data available in the 945.

The customer still has to review and approve all of the transaction sets before they send them, but needless to say, they are very pleased with the amount of time and effort they’ve saved by our streamlining of their processes. It is the ingenuity of this 1 EDI Source WebSource consultant that once again shows how we are leading the way for all our customers.