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November 4, 2009

Custom Widget Filter in EDI HQ

Have you ever found yourself wading through data trying to find specific transactions or certain documents that are lost in the shuffle?

How much more productive can you or your company be simply by saving time that may be lost searching through data? These are a few questions that we at 1 EDI Source Inc. looked to address when working on EDI/HQ custom filters and dashboard widgets.

When you filter through data looking for particular documents, you can specify a multitude of search options with EDI/HQ’s powerful filters. Once you have narrowed down the quest to the documents you look for on a regular basis, you can save that search or “filter” and name it anything you want. Once you have this custom filter saved, these documents can be accessed by a single click of the mouse from your dashboard.

Creating a custom widget and applying a custom filter to that widget will give you one click access to relevant data that you can access as often as you’d like.

Talk about a time saver! Custom filter widgets make accessing pertinent data a matter of seconds instead of minutes and sometime hours. This is the kind of feature that makes EDI/HQ the most innovative and user-friendly product on the market, and also gives you, the customer, a smart, powerful, and customizable EDI solution that you can have confidence in. Please call us with any questions as we would love to make your EDI experience easier and more successful.