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March 4, 2008

Important Message from Costco Wholesale to our EDI Vendors

To All Costco EDI Vendors,

In a continuing effort to drive administrative costs out of the payment process for both Costco and our supplier partner, and to promote greater environmental responsibility, it is imperative that all invoices from our company be transmitted electronically via EDI to Costco, PAPER INVOICES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

This includes retransmitting via EDI any unpaid invoices for open … purchase orders on the ‘received merchandise’ tab of our vendor extranet. Vendor Claim forms with paper invoices should only be sent for unpaid invoices where the purchase order does not  display as open on the vendor extranet. Please make sure that you are working with all effected areas within your business to make them aware of this policy.

Currently Costco does not charge a per invoice fee for paper invoices received from vendors set up as EDI, however this may soon become necessary to offset our manual handling and processing costs related to this issue. We are aware that occasionally issues may come up that may unintentionally create paper copies and we are happy to work with you to help resolve these issues. If such issues arise please contact the EDI Hotline or the EDI Coordinator responsible for your account as shown below. If paper invoices can not be turned off in your system once you are actively sending your invoices EDI, do not mail these invoices to Costco, please recycle them.

EDI Hotline – 425-313-6791

Sandy Hendrix – Coordinator
Merch Vendors A – E

Courtney Peterson – Coordinator
Merch Vendors F & G/ / E-Comm / VMI

Josh MacDonald – Coordinator
Merch Vendors H & I / E-Comm / VMI

Terry Akre – Coordinator
Merch Vendors J – P

Sue Crippe – Coordinator
Merch Vendors Q – Z & Numbers / Traffic & Freight


Thank you,
Jamie Brooks
A/P and EDI Manager