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May 4, 2011

EDI/HQ Allows Copy and Move of Files

Have you ever had to write batch files to take care of documents left behind by processes? Has a document been reprocessed by your EDI translator, causing you troubles?

Let 1 EDI Source remove those problems for you with EDI/HQ™! Within EDI/HQ™, you can easily set up processes to take care of these files for you. EDI/HQ™ will allow you to create processes to manipulate your files in a variety of ways. Maybe you would like to copy every sales order that you receive. Just use the Copy process and before you process your order, send a copy of the file to whatever location you would like!

Have you had the need to have your files sent to another location, even before you have them processed? No problem at all – just set up a process in EDI/HQ™ to move the file to that location. You can even set up a process in EDIHQ to delete unnecessary files. Why bog down your system with unwanted files when you can simply create a process to delete them and save that space for more critical data!

With EDI/HQ™, there is no need for concern about writing multiple batch files to copy, move or delete your files. You won’t fret whether you have the batch file saved in the proper location, or that it will run at the right time. With EDI/HQ™, you will have the power to create any of these processes as you need them, keeping you in control of your data! Save yourself time while knowing the processes will work the way you intended.

If you finding yourself worrying that the batch file you wrote is going to give you the right result give us a call at 1 EDI Source, and allow us to show you the many great features of EDI/HQ™. Features that will allow you to spend more time on other things while giving you more oversight over your data!