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May 14, 2010

Case New Holland (CNH) has engaged with Ryder to manage their inbound logistics, details straight from CNH below:

As part of this implementation, the EDI 204 load tenders will be sent to you from Ryder systems instead of CNH systems and correspondingly you will be sending your EDI 214 updates back to Ryder instead of CNH. In this new Ryder LMS system process, we will send EDI 204s to you (on a similar timing as from CNH) and we will expect back 214s as the stops are completed. EDI 824 transactions will be send back to you if the 214 data is invalid or can’t be processed.

Note: no 990s are required as our engineering team has setup engineered/repeating runs for each week. During the transition period, you may receive transactions from both CNH and Ryder and will have to respond appropriately. We tried to stick to the CNH format as much as possible, but there are a couple changes. In particular, in the 204, we will be sending a stop level – loop 300 L11 with a qualifier of 2I. This is our stop ID and needs to be returned on the 214 (see page 30 of the 204 Spec). In the 214, we are expecting back a loop 200 L11 with qualifier 2I (which was passed in the 204) along with a MS2 with the trailer number. (see pages 19, 20 of the 214 Spec).

We have setup connectivity to you from GXS via a VAN interconnect to your VAN. Our sender qualifier/ID are: 01/006922827CNHP (production) and 01/006922827CNHT (test).

Please respond with the following information as soon as possible as we need to begin validation of connectivity to your company:

  1. Confirm that you are the appropriate EDI / IT resource for your company to work with during this transaction or respond with the correct person.
  2. Once you have setup your VAN relationship to accept transactions via the GXS VAN interconnect from us, let me know so we can begin sending test transactions.

Note: Dan Long at CNH should have already forwarded the below message to your business teams:

As you are aware, we will be transitioning some of our moves through Ryder’s LMS in the coming months. Ryder will be contacting each carrier and the EDI contacts that they have been supplied in the next few weeks to begin testing. During this transition you will continue to receive load tenders from CNH for shipments that you handle today. During rollout some tenders will come from our OTM system and some will start to come out of Ryder’s LMS system. We will communicate your go live date once testing is complete and will advise what volume you will see out of Ryder’s system. Invoicing to CNH will remain under the same process, however, if you receive a Ryder tender, you must reference that PUN (pick up number) when invoicing.

Contact 1 EDI Source today to become EDI compliant with CNH or any other trading partner you may have.