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October 20, 2010

Kroger 5010 Maps

As previously communicated to you and published on our EDI website, Kroger required a conversion to version 5010 for EDI at the same time vendors converted their case products to GTINs.

Our position was UPC codes were used exclusively with version 4010 and GTINs were used exclusively with version 5010. Due to the number of vendors remaining to be converted and the large volume of items involved, the decision has been made to expand version 5010 to allow GTINs and UPCs.

On Tuesday October 5, Kroger will make changes to our EDI system to be able to receive and send a UPC code OR a GTIN value in version 5010. …


    • – Version 5010 will allow you to send a UPC or GTIN for each item, but NOT BOTH


    • – Items that have been converted to GTINs with Kroger, you should send GTINs


    • – Items that have not been converted to GTINs with Kroger, you should send case UPCs


    • – If only some of your items have been converted, version 5010 could contain GTINs and case UPCs


We request you to go through the attached ‘combined 5010-GTIN-partners.doc’ carefully and make necessary changes. Also, return your completed ‘GTIN 5010 Partner receipt document.doc’ by September 13, 2010 via email to edi@kroger.com or via Fax: 203-724-4393. …

Download Files:
GTIN 5010 Partner Reciept.doc
Combined GTIN 5010 Partners.doc

Should you have any queries, please forward them to edi@kroger.com. …

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with this change to Kroger’s 5010 implementation guides. …

The Kroger EDI Team