Five Business Cases for EDI Visibility

May 26, 2016

Once you’ve automated your B2B exchange, do your functional teams have the necessary information to quickly react and solve customer problems?

Automating your B2B exchange can provide incredible business value, but automation comes at a cost since it can hide critical B2B documents from those who need them most.

See, your teams in customer service, fulfillment and accounting could really use this information to better manage your most important business relationships.
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5 Ways to Achieve Operational Excellence with Big Box Retailers

April 29, 2016

If you want to do business with the big box retail guys, you’re going to have to do business like them, too.

Retailers are desperately looking to you to help manage their supply chain—getting the right product to the right place at the right time, and most importantly, with the right documentation.

This is a huge responsibility. Not only do they slap you with chargebacks when you’re not in compliance, bad EDI can ultimately be damaging to the overall business relationship.

The solution, get good at EDI.
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Are you an EDI Coordinator or a Firefighter?

April 28, 2016

Some days it’s hard to know the difference. If you want less firefighting and more time to focus on value added projects to move your business forward, here are four ways our innovative visibility and analytics platform, intelligentXchange, will change your life.

Do you dream of an empty email box, fewer emergencies and, best of all, a day off? How about tackling some of those strategic priorities that are always being shoved to the back burner?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not—it’s called intelligentXchange (IX) and it’s like a virtual personal assistant for the EDI coordinator who, from what we hear, is constantly being pulled in all directions.
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Out of Control Chargebacks

March 9, 2016

Studies indicate that chargebacks can add up to almost 2 percent of revenue. Ask these three questions to learn whether or not chargebacks are out of control in your organization.

Usually retailers have good reasons for implementing chargebacks. Yes, chargebacks can be painful, but the retailer believes that the momentary financial pain will drive suppliers to better comply with policies and eliminate costly inefficiencies in the overall supply chain.

However, when the supplier lacks visibility into the actual reasons for those chargebacks and are unable to fix the systematic problems, they usually resign to the fact that chargebacks are simply a ‘cost of doing business.’
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Why Deduction Thresholds Do Not Work

February 8, 2016

Many CPG suppliers implement deduction thresholds when applying cash from a retailer. These thresholds are designed to speed the process by allowing minor deductions (i.e. under $75) to be ignored while larger deductions are scrutinized.

We see it almost every day—accounting teams working to streamline operations implement deduction (or chargeback) thresholds to reduce the amount of research time spent on issues that are considered ‘too small to worry about. These thresholds are the result of large retailers issuing chargebacks and fines for a variety of issues.
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