JCPenney Inventory System EDI Updates

July 31, 2017

JCPenney has implemented new changes to their Sales and Inventory reporting.

On July 30, 2017 JCPenney installed a new Enterprise Stock Ledger and Perpetual Inventory System. Data from the new Enterprise System will be reflected in the reports on Aug 7, 2017.
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Walmart Compliance Updates – On Time and In Full, or Charged Back

July 17, 2017

Walmart comes down hard on trading partners for early, late and incomplete deliveries.

Brace yourselves, Walmart suppliers – the leash is about to get much shorter.

Scrapping its previous Supply Chain Reliability Program, the retail giant is increasing pressure on trading partners. Walmart’s new “On Time In Full” (OTIF) program, which goes into effect in August, will automatically fine trading partners that fall outside an even tighter threshold for early, late or incomplete deliveries – no excuses.

Under Walmart’s previous rules, suppliers were expected to achieve a 90-percent fill rate and were held to delivery windows of four days for general items and one day for perishables and other fast-turning items. Furthermore, chargeback disputes often resulted in a waived fine.

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JCPenney EDI Updates – Consolidation of the Order Process

July 12, 2017

Enterprise Ordering Consolidation

JCPenney has released new EDI updates and is consolidating the ordering processes for all of their stores and eCommerce channels. The changes are part of a larger initiative designed to provide a suite of tools and processes that support an Omni Channel business. The planned enhancements will drive and require changes in the systems and processes that JCPenney and its suppliers use to partner in support of the business. These changes do not impact Factory Ship Customer Orders. Here are the specific call outs of this EDI update:
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Small Supply Chain Fixes Can Add Up to Big Savings

October 11, 2016

How to detect and solve out of balance invoices.

One of the most common issues we find when analyzing client’s EDI data is a simple mistake that often flies under the radar, costing companies small dollars that can quickly add up to significant costs. This issue is easily detectable with the right tools, can be easily corrected and is a quick win for any accounting department.

The issue is the dreaded “Invoice Out of Balance,” a curse for any accounting department who prides themselves on balancing every document and ledger. And often times the issue occurs completely unnoticed.
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IntelligentXchange B2B Cloud Solution is Game Changer for INNOVA Disc Golf

October 10, 2016

Case study reveals how INNOVA Disc Golf has saved more than $15,000 in just three months, which has more than paid for the IX B2B visibility tool, all while strengthening partner relationships.

INNOVA Disc Golf, the nation’s premier manufacturer of disc golf gear and recreational discs, sought out the cloud-based, B2B visibility tool to take control of their day to day B2B exchange activities in Spring 2016.
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17 Ways to Optimize Your B2B EDI Exchange

September 15, 2016

We take your EDI operations seriously and are constantly upgrading and finding ways to make you more efficient and profitable.

You build a house but then you have to maintain it, the same goes for your software investment.
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