1 EDI Source introduces WebSource Download Agent for Quickbooks™

February 26, 2008

1 EDI Source WebSource Download Agent for Quickbooks

1 EDI Source, Inc., a leading provider of EDI software and consulting solutions, announces the development and release of their new WebSource Download Agent for QuickBooks™ to leverage the power of both their web-based EDI service, WebSource, and Quickbooks.

As a member of the Intuit Developer Network, 1 EDI Source, is constantly looking for new ways to improve the functionality of their EDI services by providing seamless and user friendly EDI solutions to QuickBooks™ users.

With WebSource Download Agent for QuickBooks™ it is no longer necessary to key or re-key data into QuickBooks™. Once a trading partner is set up in QuickBooks™, WebSource Download Agent for QuickBooks™ allows a user to download individual or batch data directly into their QuickBooks™ system without compromising any of the existing data or system configurations.
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3 ways to eliminate costly EDI chargeback’s.

February 22, 2008

1 EDI Source explains 3 major areas in EDI that may be costing your company unnecessary EDI chargeback fees.

You have made the decision to implement an EDI solution that will grow your business and improve sales, manufacturing and shipping processes related to EDI. Implementing EDI technology eliminates a significant number of manual EDI tasks but if you are not prepared you can be faced with costly “chargebacks.”

Unfortunately, EDI chargebacks have become a profit center for some trading partners, so being aware of potential errors will certainly help. Your EDI solution may take care of some of the discrepancies through error checking or automatic validation, but without accurate data and proper document structure, there is room for error.
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EDI Software or EDI Service, what IS the difference?

February 22, 2008

EDI Software or EDI Service, what IS the difference and which solution is best for you?’

1 EDI Source has recognized the need for a variety of EDI solutions and offers products that range from fully integrated EDI software and EDI outsourcing to streamlined web-based EDI services. EDI providers that cannot offer products for all arenas attempt to mask the limitations of their one specific solution with creative product positioning and decorative descriptions.

The features and benefits of both EDI software and web-based EDI services have been outlined below:


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