EDI Conversion Table Innovations

October 27, 2008

EDI Conversion Table 

Why make extra work for yourself when EDI Complete can to do it for you? Here’s just one example where using one outbound map to populate the conversion data for another outbound map can make your life that much simpler.

What if your client wants more description than they are sending you?

Let’s say you need to be sending back additional line item description details when full item description details aren’t received on the 850.

Let’s say you are also mapping and sending 832 t-sets to update catalogs. By adding a little more to the mapping of your outbound 832 you can also map the item description details to a conversion table at the same time. Use the EDI Complete default “all_cust.csv” file for the “extra” mapping.
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Company of Origin Labeling Guidelines – Food Industry

October 14, 2008

Food Industry- Company of Origin Labeling Guidelines

Has your company established any guidelines for the C.O.O.L policy being implemented by the U. S. government? What documents will be impacted by this requirement?

1 EDI Source Inc can help you meet your EDI requirements. Please contact your EDI Consultant for more information.

Press Release

CDC Software/Ross Enterprise

Release date: July 18, 2008
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EDI Data Conversions

September 23, 2008

Read this story to see how Data Conversion can help you!

Data Conversions

You can utilize the Data Conversion Setup window in EDI Complete to easily translate the data your Trading Partner sends to another value you need. For example, you can convert your customer’s item number into your item number. But, did you know you can use any table for a data conversion?

With the ODBC operators built into the Map Designer, you can use tables from your backend system as a data conversion. Using this method, you won’t have to maintain duplicate data in both EDI Complete and your backend system!

Data Conversion Automatic Import from all_cust.csv

Did you know that you can dynamically add data to the data conversion tables in EDI Complete? For example, if your customer sends the 816 document to communicate new store addresses and updates. We can help you build a map that will automatically add this information to your data conversion tables.

The next time you receive a purchase order (850) from your customer, you will be guaranteed to always have the current address for the store. No more manually keying in all those addresses!

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Use WebSource Filters to Find What You’re Looking For

September 23, 2008

Did you know that filters can be set in your webpage?

Upon logging into your webpage, you arrive in the inbox.

In the upper left corner of your webpage (under the main menu bar) is a “Transaction Filter”. Click on it and a filter information form will open.

Here you are able to enter a range of information: Document Number, Trading Partner, Form Type, Status, Create Date, Send Date, and/or Is Valid (status)

Enter any information for which you want to filter and then click “Apply”.
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EDI Software in action for Client

August 25, 2008

EDI HQ Software in Action

The Oatey Company is a large company; however, many of their vendors and customers are not large enough to incorporate the use of EDI.

Much time is spent on manually sending and receiving paper invoices. Because Oatey has the capability of supplying data files containing invoicing information, 1 EDI Source was able to provide them with the solution of using electronic invoicing (or E-Invoicing) for their non-EDI-capable trading partners.
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AS2 Best Practices – Backup Your Private Key

July 8, 2008

AS2 Best Practices

During the setup and testing phase of AS2 communications it is standard practice for each Trading Partner to send the other their AS2 certificate. This certificate is the public portion of a private/public key pair as well as the credentials that are needed.

AS2 applications, like 1 EDI Source’s AS2 Complete, use this combination of private and public keys in both the encryption and digital signature processes of the AS2 message life cycle.

As an example, when sending an EDI file, AS2 Complete packages the data into an AS2 message and then signs that message with your private key which creates a digital signature. Upon receipt of the message, your Trading Partner will verify that signature using the public key that matches your private key.
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