WebSource – Drop Down Lists

March 3, 2009

WebSource Tips- Drop Down Lists and more

Drop down lists are one of the many web page functions we use on a regular basis, and one that we often take for granted. So why would we want to use drop downs over regular text boxes?

They provide a list of options that can save us time when filling out online forms. Additionally, using them minimizes our chances of inputting incorrect data. Without drop down lists, form data would have to be entered manually – a tedious and time consuming process.
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1 EDI Source. Partners with E W Turtell, Inc.

March 3, 2009

1 EDI Source Partners with E W Turtell, Inc.

In these tough economic times, the old cliche “time equals money” is more accurate than ever.

1 EDI Source. has developed a relationship with E W Turtell, Inc. to help streamline and integrate your data.

E W Turtell, Inc. specializes in data processing for the textile industry. Using our EDI WebSource file integration solution, 1 EDI Source. acts as your EDI department, receiving your EDI data and mapping it into a format to integrate into Turtell Integrated Textile System software. Potential Trading Partners that require EDI for the textile industry include Klaussner, Lazy Boy, Jo Ann Fabrics, JC Penney, Hancock Fabrics, Life Uniform, Uniform City and Hollander, just to name a few.
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WebSource Tip – User Preference Feature – Remain in “Inbox”

February 2, 2009

WebSource Tip

Did you know that it’s now possible to stay in the “inbox” folder after turning around a document?

For example, after turning around an 850 to an 856 while in the inbox, you would normally be moved to the “drafts” folder. Staying in the “inbox” is very useful if you need to consecutively turn around multiple documents.
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The ASN Complete Perspective

February 2, 2009

ASN Complete

Advance Ship Notice, Advance Shipping Notice, Advance Shipment Notice, 856 EDI Transaction so many terms for the same thing! What they all mean and how they are used depends, of course, on your perspective.

Short and sweet – the ASN tells your customer what you’re shipping to them. ASN Complete from 1 EDI Source, Inc. focuses on the shipping end of this process and fulfills all requirements from the customer’s perspective.

ASN Complete provides information about the shipment from the carrier perspective, and includes information about the purchase orders for the customer’s viewpoint.
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Bad Data – It Happens – Part 2

February 2, 2009

Bad Data : What to Expect 

In a perfect world, all the data that we send to our trading partners – and that which they send back to us – would be valid and error free. In reality, however, bad data is bound to happen at some point. The question isn’t really “will I ever see bad data?”, but rather, “when will I see bad data?” – and, more importantly, “once I have bad data, how do I handle it??”

Scenario: You receive a purchase order from your trading partner, with an expected delivery date in two days. However, you have an agreement with said partner for a minimum shipment window of two weeks.
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EDI Tips and Tricks – Creating Unique Inbound Filenames

January 7, 2009

EDI Tips and Tricks

Normally, when configuring an inbound transaction set we update the Trading Partner profile to write all inbound mapped data to a single file specified in the Inbound Header File field on the mapping tab.

This allows us to write all the data to a single file, appending to the file if it already exists. Occasionally, there is a need for a separate file for the mapped detail data, which can also be specified in the Transaction Set setup for the Trading Partner.

However, there are cases where it may be necessary to write to a new unique file, or multiple unique files, for every mapped transaction.
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