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August 11, 2011

The Cardinal/Kinray-Whitestone location has been assigned a new DEA#, which will become effective for activity as of Saturday 08/13/11.

From an EDI perspective, this will impact any transactions where DEA#s are used to identify Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical locations.

OLD-inactive after 08/12/11
152-35 10th Avenue
Whitestone NY 11357

NEW-active as of 08/13/11
152-35 10th Avenue
Whitestone NY 11357

On the various EDI transactions that you may trade with Cardinal Pharma for this location, you will begin to see the new value displayed in the N104 elements in the documents sent to you:

  • 850 PO’s
  • 844 Chargebacks
  • 852 Product Activity Data
  • 867 Sales Tracings

For transactions being sent to Cardinal Pharma in response, if possible, please provide the new DEA# in the N104 on any documents generated after 08/12/11, regardless of what was sent on the original document on or before 08/12/11.

  • 856 ASNs
  • 810 Invoices
  • 849 Chargeback Reconciliations

Where DEA#s are used in any other documents to identify Cardinal Pharma locations, such as 845 Contracts, please begin using the new value as of 08/13/11.

Contact Cardinal Health Pharmaceutical VendorEDI Group with any questions about this update.
614 757 5334

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