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February 26, 2008

Burlington Coat Factory makes changes to supply chain 

February 2008 – Burlington Representative Jack Moore, President of Merchandising, Marketing, Planning/Allocation for Burlington Coat Factory writes: Beginning February 2008, we are implementing

As you have experienced with most of your other trading partners, this new system relies on accurate ASNs and UCC128 labels from you in order to achieve this enhanced efficiency. Consequently, we will require ALL vendors to provide compliant EDI transactions and labels in the course of conducting business with Burlington Coat Factory.

For a majority of our vendor partners, we do not anticipate any significant issues for you since this level of service is the norm for most of the retail world.

For those of you who are not EDI compliant, there are two options:


    • Test with BCF to become EDI certified utilizing your own system (preferred).
    • Enroll on the BCF Gateway for a free solution on our system.


With these two options at hand, fulfilling BCF requirements should be only a modest change in procedure and effort.


For the 1000+ vendors who already fulfill orders to BCF with either traditional EDI or the BCF Gateway, no change in process will be required. We only ask that you continue your efforts to maximize ASN accuracy and correct UCC128 placement. We will expect 100% compliance from our vendors on or before January 1, 2008.


If you have any general questions please contact vendor.relations@coat.com.


Traditional EDI testing or BCF Gateway system setups can be initiated by sending an email to edi.support@coat.com.


Thank you for your strategic partnership and your ongoing support of BCF initiatives.


Jack Moore
President of Merchandising, Marketing,
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation