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June 9, 2010

Letting your trading partner know what’s coming to them via the 856 Advance Ship Notice, is the end of the ASN Complete process. But reaching that point requires us to start by first importing order information and then building shipments. The imported order information usually (but not always) was mapped to an importable file by EDI Complete. The mapped data was probably originally received as an 850 Purchase Order. The Purchase Order provides the basis for information on what was ordered. Now that you know what was ordered, you can start shipping – and building the ASN.

ASN Complete offers the following shipment types: BOL, Master BOL, VICS BOL and VICS Master BOL. What are the differences? The Master type of BOL (Bill of Lading) is used when a top level BOL will consolidate sub BOLS on it. Otherwise, a non master type should be used. The VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association) version of a BOL will auto-create VICS compliant BOL forms for the shipment. You can create these same forms manually for non VICS shipment types. (See http://www.vics.org/ for more information about VICS.) ASN Complete can either auto-generate VICS compliant BOL numbers or you can enter your own number manually.

By design, ASN Complete has built-in versatility. Final ship-to locations can be determined at time of ASN creation. ASN Complete auto-enters the ship to and bill to addresses for the selected location code. Orders can be added and removed from shipments as needed. Carrier information, shipment and delivery dates, ship-from locations, and additional shipment numbers can be adjusted as needed. Shipment preparation will include label printing for the shipment.

As the shipment itself prepares to take off, so will your ASN. Your trading partner will be prepared, knowing in advance what to expect. For additional information on ASN Complete, please Contact Us at 1 EDI Source.