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September 2, 2010

Bloomingdales Outlet Program and Trading Partner Update

Welcome to the Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store program. We are excited to begin this new retail venture with your partnership. If you receive a Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store purchase order (PO), please note that:

– Bloomingdale’s Outlet Store vendors are required to follow all of the 2010 Macy’s Vendor Standards, which are posted at macysnet.com.

– macysnet.com is also the source for all shipping and routing information and instructions.

– Vendors that are currently registered and approved to exchange EDI documents with any Macy’s entity (i.e., Macy’s, macys.com, Bloomingdale’s or bloomingdales.com) will not be required to re-register but may be required to complete a testing phase before being placed in production with Bloomingdale’s Outlet Stores.

– Vendors that are NOT currently registered to exchange EDI documents with a Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s entity must first submit an EDI Startup Form available at www.macynet.com or by contacting the Vendor

– Services help desk at 513-782-1412. Inovis, which also can provide information on EDI implementation, can be contacted by visiting www.inovis.com or calling 877-446-6847.

Your cooperation, as always, is anticipated and very much appreciated. Please contact the Vendor Services help desk at 513-782-1412 with any questions.

July 26, 2010