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March 26, 2015

Toledo, Ohio-based Betco Corporation is the first to use new software to plug into existing supply chain data providing instant, actionable operational intelligence.

Betco Corporation, the leading manufacturer of cleaning innovations, located in Toledo, Ohio has selected 1 EDI Source, Inc., the leader in providing business performance software and software-as-a-solution (SaaS), to provide a powerful new tool called IntelligentXchange to help transform complicated data into meaningful business milestones and metrics and provide transparency throughout the organization.

IntelligentXchange is an easily deployed enterprise browser-based application that plugs into existing supply-chain data providing significant opportunities to enhance business relationships while improving profitability and gaining operational efficiencies.

“For the retail supply chain industry and manufacturing industries, like Betco, it’s an industry-changing approach to providing accounting, finance, shipping, customer service representatives and other critical business stakeholders insight into operational opportunities,” says David Lowman, president of 1 EDI Source. “By optimizing processes and enabling business users with the information they are demanding, IntelligentXchange can significantly impact business performance.”

1 EDI Source can analyze your current data within hours and accurately report how IntelligentXchange can improve operations.

For Betco, IntelligentXchange will impact revenue by automating customer invoice pricing controls. In addition, for a growth company like Betco, the productivity gains from eliminating time spent researching customer invoice, document, shipping, and collection issues means that current teams can support more growth and focus on more strategic priorities.

“There is absolutely no way we can walk away from the benefits we are seeing and the transparency we have gained across our organization,” said Shannon Iverson, Customer Support Manager of Betco Corporation. “This is exactly what we need to all be on the same page as we work towards achieving operational excellence.”
About 1 EDI Source, Inc.

1 EDI Source, Inc. is the leading provider of EDI software and SaaS designed to help organizations transform business-to-business operations. For more than 25 years, companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 corporations in various industries have come to rely on 1 EDI Source for innovative, easy-to-use software and cloud-based solutions to improve customer relationships and drive operational excellence. www.1edisource.com

About Betco Corporation
Since 1950, Betco has set new standards in Cleaning Innovations That Matter. Betco engineers innovative cleaning programs, products and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally. For more information about Betco’s products and services please contact customer service @ 1-888-GO BETCO or visit www.betco.com. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter!