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March 30, 2009

EDI Complete has the ability to run processes automatically.

It has been specifically designed to run jobs behind the scene with little human intervention. This helps eliminate the probability of errors. Adding processes to jobs is straightforward and easy to set up. Some benefits of automating processing are the effective elimination of time spent manually importing data and verifying transaction status, email notifications, etc.

One of the great and many features of EDI Complete is the ability to archive processed transaction files during processing. The benefit of archiving files is that backups of the original data are automatically created. When creating outbound file definitions, this feature is as simple to add as clicking on a check box. For existing file definition, editing the file definition to add archiving requires no modification to the job.

Enabling the use of automated processes has a vast array of benefits ranging from handling very simple to quite complex tasks. Not only does it streamline efficiency within transactional data processing, it also effectively reduces the need for the human element specified by the process. Call your EDI Consultant today to discuss your EDI system and how it could be even better!