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February 21, 2011

Sears ACH Co Names and ID’s

Kmart is scheduled to transition their bank payments from Bank of New York to Wachovia Bank on Monday, August 11, 2008.

Please re-read the communication below to make sure that your system and processes are ready for the change.

Payments for Sears will continue to go through Harris Bank until further notice. … The most recent communication about this change, with updated date information, is as follows. …

Effective August 11, 2008, we will be moving our bank payments for Kmart from Bank of New York to Wachovia. The date for moving Sears from Harris Bank to Wachovia is not yet defined.

You may notice several changes as a result of this move. Please make sure you have not hard coded any of this information into your current transactions or systems, as they will fail following our move to Wachovia.

The changes you will see are to the bank account numbers and routing numbers, the payer name in the 820, and you will receive your money from Wachovia. You may need to inform your bank of these changes to prevent any delay in the receipt of funds. …

The new payer name will reflect Sears Holdings Management Corporation. Again, please make sure that this information is not hard coded in your 820, and that your company does not require any other internal changes to support the new routing and account numbers. …

Reminder communication will be sent prior to the change over for Sears and again for Kmart. Frequently asked questions about this change are outlined below. Additional questions not addressed in this communication should be directed to Jennifer Ritorno, EDI Support Manager, jritorn@searshc.com. …


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What date will the bank, account #, and routing # be changing:

A: The planned date of change for Kmart is August 11, 2008. The date of change for Sears is not yet defined.

Q: What are the current & new routing & account #’s for Sears and Kmart?

A: The routing and account #’s can be viewed on the Sears Business Exchange and Mykmart.com. …

Q: What EDI 820 segments will be affected?

A: The data contained in the element N102 (where N101 = PR) and the BPR segment will be changing to reflect updated payer name, routing #, and account #. The format of these segments will not be changing.

Q: I am currently receiving separate payments from Sears and Kmart. Will these payments be combined as part of this change?
A: If you are currently receiving separate payments for Sears and Kmart, you will continue to receive separate payments. If you currently receive combined payments, they will continue to be combined.

Q: Does this change affect Orchard Hardware?

A: This change does not affect Orchard Hardware. Payments for Orchard Hardware will continue to go through Harris Bank. …

… … Beth Ligenza
… Director, Merchandise Support
… eligenz@searshc.com …