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February 2, 2009

Bad Data : What to Expect 

In a perfect world, all the data that we send to our trading partners – and that which they send back to us – would be valid and error free. In reality, however, bad data is bound to happen at some point. The question isn’t really “will I ever see bad data?”, but rather, “when will I see bad data?” – and, more importantly, “once I have bad data, how do I handle it??”

Scenario: You receive a purchase order from your trading partner, with an expected delivery date in two days. However, you have an agreement with said partner for a minimum shipment window of two weeks.

Or perhaps you receive an order from a trading partner for a line item that is on backorder. You need to be notified of orders for this item immediately. These and any related scenarios where you need to be made immediately aware of idiosyncrasies in a transaction can be handled efficiently within EDI Complete! Use of EDI Complete’s SmartCondition operator can allow for email notifications when these types of scenarios occur.

Using the SmartCondition operator, you can check for true/false conditions – whether they are on dates, item numbers, or just about any criteria for which you can have a rule – and then perform a series of functions based on these conditions. EDI Complete can send emails, display notifications in the application data window, etc. Remember, the sooner you know about these issues, the sooner you can handle them.

Please call your experienced EDI Consultant today to see how the use of EDI Complete’s SmartCondition operator can help you!