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January 6, 2009

Bad EDI Data

In a perfect world, all the data that we send to our trading partners – and that which they send back to us – would be valid and error free. In reality, however, bad data is bound to happen at some point. The question isn’t really “will I ever see bad data?”, but rather, “when will I see bad data?” – and, more importantly, “once I have bad data, how do I handle it??”


You are sending invoices to your trading partner, and realize that one invoice has failed to transmit. Closer examination shows that an item on the invoice is missing a required item number. The invoice in question has the UPC code, but not the buyer’s item number as required.

What can you do when you have one piece of required information, but a related piece is not available on your outbound application data?

Not to Worry! EDI Complete has a solution for every need. In this case, a data conversion table can be used to populate the buyer’s item number based on the UPC Code already provided in your application data. The setup can be seamless, and can update the buyer’s item number upon mapping.

Data conversions can be used to supply data in any case where you are sending or receiving data where only part or related pieces of information exist. Additional examples include updating Carrier SCAC codes based on the shipper name, updating ship-to and bill-to codes so that you can link data between your company and your trading partner, and many other uses. Please call your experienced EDI Consultant today to see how using data conversions can help you!