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February 3, 2010

AS2 Complete- Cut Costs and Complete Control

Are you currently using a VAN for your communications?

Are you trying to cut business costs? We invite you to check out our AS2 software AS2 Complete. To cut costs, you may be able to trade your monthly charges for a one time setup fee and a yearly license fee. With a VAN services you call into a Help Desk and get whoever is available, with 1 EDI Source you have a dedicated consultant. Your consultant will assist you with the software install (that is, if you need our help…it’s that simple) and we’ll always be here to assist you.

With a VAN you have to either call into a Help Desk or log onto their website to research your documents and to verify if something has been sent or received. When using a VAN, it can take hours for your transactions to leave your door and reach the intended party.

With AS2 Complete – everything is at your finger tips.

AS2 Complete will run directly on your own system, you have control over the entire software. Using AS2 Complete the document leaves your door and is immediately delivered to its destination – no middleman. This includes doing AS2 with other countries – it’s done in an instant. Need a secure way to get data back and forth between multiple locations of your company? Do you have files that need to be encrypted? AS2 Complete allows you to send and receive encrypted data – you can’t get that with a VAN. If you’re interested or have any questions please call your Sales Representative. We look forward to hearing from you.