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April 28, 2016

Some days it’s hard to know the difference. If you want less firefighting and more time to focus on value added projects to move your business forward, here are four ways our innovative visibility and analytics platform, intelligentXchange, will change your life.

Do you dream of an empty email box, fewer emergencies and, best of all, a day off? How about tackling some of those strategic priorities that are always being shoved to the back burner?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not—it’s called intelligentXchange (IX) and it’s like a virtual personal assistant for the EDI coordinator who, from what we hear, is constantly being pulled in all directions.

Here are four ways our cloud-based visibility and analytics solution can change your life:

  • Cut your email volume in half. IX allows customer service and accounts receivable team members to self-serve, reducing the number of emails and tickets clogging your inbox. They can even safely share documents with vendors and customers without involving IT through the IX share function. But, if your teams do not “speak EDI,” don’t worry, simply use the built in EDI Reader tool to view printable and easy to read versions of POs, invoices, ASNs and other typical order-to-cash transactions.
  • Take a PTO day. What used to be an emergency is now an easy lookup for cross-functional teams. Did we get that PO? Did the ASN go out? Did the customer pay or did they send an 864 instead? Through IX, now all of these questions can be answered without your intervention. And the best part is that trading partner compliance effort is reduced across the organization, so the CTO, CFO, COO and CSO will all be happy with the change.
  • Stop running emergency EDI batches for bad ASNs or invoices. IX automatically determines if documents have broken syntax so that can be detected before a rejection 997 arrives, or worse, a chargeback. IX also determines if invoices are out of balance, don’t match POs, or are about to be late. And those warnings occur as soon as the document is entered, not when you’re sitting down to dinner with your family.
  • Be proactive without ANY activity. IX is a safety net warning the business units of all sorts of changes including pricing, payment terms and other order changes out of character with typical trading partner activity.

Long before your customer issues a supplier scorecard, your dashboard clearly states which clients are in need of relationship repair. Missing and late ASNs are also called out immediately, giving you a chance to react before your customer charges you back.

We love talking about IX. In fact, we do it all day long with organizations that just don’t have the visibility they need with their legacy EDI translator. IX is cloud based, clips onto any EDI translator and can be up and running in a week, request a demo today.