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February 2, 2009

I am giving a heads up to our third party vendors on a project we have almost completed. The official email will go out shortly, but I wanted to let you know what was happening. All vendors who receive purchase orders via EDI will be required to receive this data. We will be sending data in the DTM segment to allow for elimination of early shipments and closed PO’s on EDI transmissions

I am not a programmer, so I am including some information I found in the documentation the programmers and QA testers are using, hopefully it will help you understand what is going on:

System currently has field for Order must be delivered to Anderson Merchandiser location by:

    • DTM*001*Date
    • Qualifier 002 is for the delivery requested

Users (me) contact all EDI vendors to ensure they can accept the new EDI code of 064  System id’s this code as Do not deliver before Contact is made by EDI associate. Explaining the changes needed

Addition of Do Not Deliver before
Anderson Merchandisers use of Deliver PO By Date

Vendor changes their system to accept the new code
Vendor begins receiving code and adhering to the new dates.

Implementation Plan

    1. All Vendors who support the EDI Purchase Order need to contacted to ensure they can receive the new code for Do Not deliver before date
    2. Must have answers back before implementation
    3. If the vendor must make changes to accept the field, those changes must be complete prior to implementation

These changes are needed in the EDI transmission to display the new dates required by Anderson Merchandisers to ensure Purchase Orders (PO’s) are received at the correct timing. Also ensure PO’s are not deleted to early.

If you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. I do not know when this will be effective, it is in QA testing right now, so it will be coming soon.


Kay Bryant
EDI Liaison
Anderson Merchandisers
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