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November 29, 2011

Amazon has released several EDI vendor updates in their latest newsletter, make sure to follow the new guidelines to ensure full compliance and avoid chargebacks.

Changes to the Cost Change Process

Vendor Central is now able to process Effective Dates for future cost changes. With the addition of this functionality, they are no longer processing cost changes submitted through the price protection or cost decrease e-mail aliases. Going forward, submit your cost changes through the Edit Item Costs link in Vendor Central. From the Vendor Central home page, you can find this functionality under the Items dropdown menu at the top of the screen. Price Protection, if applicable, will be automatically generated from your submitted upload. If you have concerns or questions open a Contact Us case in Vendor Central or contact your vendor manager.

NA Vendor Prep and Transportation Manual Update

Amazon.com Safety team recently implemented a new policy regarding receipt of floor-loaded / non-clampable product that weighs more than 100 lbs/50 kg. Effective immediately, Amazon now requires all cartons or units weighing more than 100 lbs/50 kg to be clampable (i.e. palletized or floor-loaded to meet slip sheet & clamp truck guidelines). Updates have been made to the NA Vendor Shipment Prep and Transportation manual (see Section 4) to reflect these new requirements:

  • Cartons that are intended to be sold together (i.e. a set) weighing more than 100 lbs/50 kg should be placed on a single pallet (one sellable unit on each pallet) or be clampable. See section 6 and 10 for pallet and clamp truck requirements.
  • A single, non-clampable sellable carton or unit (e.g. furniture) weighing more than 100 lbs/50 kg should always be palletized.

Please note that product shipped to Amazon facilities that does not meet the requirements outlined in the NA Vendor Shipment Prep and Transportation manual are subject to refusal.

Update Your Contact Information

Have you updated your contact information recently? Your contact information is used to inform you on any number of important issues including, but not limited to, invoicing and payment. If your contact information is incorrect, it makes it harder to communicate with you, which could delay payment of your invoice or resolution of an open issue. Go to Vendor Central/Settings/Contacts/Manage Your Contacts and make sure that:

1) The contact information for your Primary contact and your Remittance contact (i.e., your Accounts Receivable person) is correct.
2) All other contacts listed are current.

If you have any questions regarding making these changes, please review the Contact Management document in the Help section on Vendor Central.

If you have further questions for Amazon, log into Vendor Central at https:/vendorcentral.amazon.com or Advantage Vendor Central at https://advantage.amazon.com and use “Contact Us” located at the bottom of every page.

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