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October 3, 2017

Amazon has made changes to their AS2 and SFTP IP Addresses.

This may cause interrupted EDI communication traffic if vendors do not update their firewall according to the new guidelines.

Amazon public-facing IP address ranges will be changing for both AS2 (as2.amazonsedi.com) and SFTP (sftp.amazonsedi.com) protocols in the NA.

If your firewall is currently set up to block any outbound or inbound traffic by IP then you need to ensure the following IP address ranges are whitelisted as outlined below. All these IP ranges are in CIDR notation.

EDI Outbound to Amazon

  • (New IP Address Range live from August 28th 2017 – flip date 28th September 2017)
  • (Existing IP Address Range Out of service no later than Sep-28-2017)

If you block outbound data connections by IP address, please allow access to the additional address range and ensure continued access to the existing ranges.

EDI Inbound from Amazon

  • Existing IP Ranges to receive data from Amazon have no changes.
  • If you block inbound data connections by IP address, please ensure continued access from the above address ranges.

If you have DNS Cache TTL settings on your end (AS2 and SFTP):

Amazon’s EDI servers run in the cloud. Therefore, the external facing IP address is subject to change within the published range (see above). Setting your TTL (Time To Live) for the DNS cache appropriately (60 seconds or less is suggested) will expire the results and force a DNS lookup periodically. This will ensure continued connectivity.

Visit Amazon Vendor Central (login required) for more information.

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For more information on how you can become compliant with Amazon or any opther trading partner you may have Contact 1 EDI Source today!