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May 4, 2010

Amazon has made changes to their EDI compliance requirements, here are all the details straight from Amazon.

This is a reminder to make sure your internal contacts in Vendor Central are up to date in order to ensure better communication between you and Amazon. If there are any blanks or incorrect information in your contacts, it could delay your receipt of POs or payments as we are attempting to contact the wrong person. In order to find your contacts in Vendor Central, look on the left hand side of the page once you log in. Beneath the “Account Settings” heading, click on the link that says “Contacts”.

Please make sure that all of the contact roles are filled out to the best of your ability per the following guidelines:

  • Primary Contact – This is the primary contact at your organization that deals with day to day Amazon issues.
  • Sales – This contact is the key recipient of purchase order notifications from Amazon.com.
  • EDI – This contact is the primary contact for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) related issues.
  • Product Returns – The primary contact for product returns from Amazon.com.
  • Marketing/PR – Your key marketing representative for Amazon.
  • Warehouse – Your key representative responsible for the actual physical shipments to Amazon.com.
  • Compliance – Your key representative that should receive chargeback notifications.
  • Order Management – In addition to the sales contact, this contact will receive PO notifications.
  • Corporate – Your highest ranking contact that is above the manager of the Amazon.com account.
  • Remittance – Your contact for handling payments due to you from Amazon.com.
  • Accounts Payable – Your contact for handling payments due Amazon.

Please also take a few moments to make sure we have the correct Returns Address in the system as well. Beneath “Account Settings” click “Return Addresses” and make certain that the correct information, if needed, has been entered.

Vendor Returns Remittance Changes:

New Vendor Return Invoice Number Format – Effective March 2010 vendor returns deductions applied to your accounts payable account will have a new invoice number format.

  • Old format: Shipment ID/ Return ID number followed by RET (123456789RET)
  • New format: Shipment ID/ Return ID followed by the product group code (123456789_1000 – books).

Description update in your remittance for return deductions – Replacing RETURNS with the return authorization number if applicable, otherwise it will default to RETURNS:

  • Old format: MMM-YY-RETURNS
  • New format: MMM-YY-RMA123 (if the RA is RMA123)

New Vendor Returns Capabilities on Vendor Central!

  • You can now pull return packing slip detail through vendor central
  • Select the “Payments” tab, followed by the “Vendor Returns” link and search for the return.
  • On the search results page in the far right column will be a link to the packing slip for that particular return.
  • On the packing slip, you will find a column containing the tracking number for the items returned.
  • You now have the ability to complete a search for up to a week of returns at a time. As of May 10th, you will not only be able to export the results at the summary level, but at the item level as well.
  • Starting May 10th, there will also be a help guide in Vendor Central located through the “Help” link at the bottom of each page.

Vendor Returns Changes Going Forward:

In light of these recent improvements, after June 30th, 2010 we will no longer email return detail files when deductions are made. Return details will be available on Vendor Central as soon as the return has been made.

We hope that these enhancements for remittance details and information will simplify your vendor central experience. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can further improve your experience please let us know using the contact us link at the bottom of each page.

In the contact us form:

  • Select Accounts Payable Remittance & Invoice from the first dropdown box
  • Select Return Inquiries Other from the second dropdown box
  • Input your suggestions and submit

Learn how you can become EDI compliant with Amazon or any other trading partner you may have, Contact 1 EDI Source today!