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July 14, 2015

Business Sense, a function located within EDI/HQ, uses historical EDI data to predict problems and alert you.

You already know about all the extensive alerts available for typical EDI errors inside of our EDI/HQ solution. In the mapping tool, you can create fully customized alerts and validations to compliment the built in alerts.

But, there is yet another group of automatic alerts available to you through EDI/HQ called Business Sense.
Business Sense alerts use your historical EDI data to predict problems. If Business Sense detects a change in data, such as a new price from a partner on a given SKU on an order, it will immediately alert you to check the validity of the price.

The available historical comparisons include:

  • Price change for a given trading partner
  • Payment terms change
  • Change in description of a specific item
  • New item never ordered by a partner

Together, these alerts act as a safety net for problems. Best of all, it requires zero programming and will not affect your mapping or ERP.

When Business Sense is enabled, you can choose to either have the transaction stopped from mapping, or just raise the alert and let the transaction process run normally. Or if some or all of the alerts do not pertain to a particular trading partner, simply disable them for that partner in ‘settings.’

Business Sense works on both X12 and EDIFACT orders and invoices, including the following documents:

  • 850, 875, ORDERS
  • 810, 880, INVOICE

If you’re currently an EDI/HQ client and want to learn more about Business Sense, contact your representative.

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