The 1 EDI Source Leadership Team

The 1 EDI Source leadership team helps to build and sustain our customer-centric focus and delivers the highest level of engagement, responsiveness and professionalism to our clients. Our vision is to constantly innovate by empowering our employees and maintaining a dynamic environment that encourages professional and personal growth.

Paul Bloom – VP of Sales & Marketing

Paul joined 1 EDI Source in 2017 and brings more than 25 years of Marketing, Sales, and Product Management experience with consistently strong results in many industries, including a specialty in retail merchandising display and fixture supply. With an extensive background in manufacturing, fulfillment and vendor relations, Paul offers a unique and valuable perspective into the client supplier side of EDI.

Paul held leadership positions at several companies, most recently 17 years as the VP of Marketing at FFR Merchandising, where he played an integral role in growing revenue during his tenure. At 1 EDI Source he leads multiple departments including sales, marketing and product management, where he utilizes his skills and a customer-centric approach to communicate and deliver excellence to the EDI market and in turn drive sales, increase revenue and customer satisfaction. He believes in promoting ongoing personal and professional growth to the teams he oversees, while energizing employees and preserving the excitement of software and the entrepreneurial spirit of 1 EDI Source.

Paul has a B.S.B.A. in Marketing from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Amanda Biddlestone – Director of Marketing

Amanda joined 1 EDI Source in 2016 and has 10 years of experience working in the software and technology space including: software for transportation and logistics organizations, healthcare and document management. She held marketing leadership positions at TMW Systems, Steris, FleetMatics, Hyland Software and more. Her focus has been on driving high growth in technology companies and helping organizations market the best product offerings available in each respective industry. Amanda’s goal in her work at 1 EDI Source is to “Position and market our products in an accurate and transparent way allowing customers to get what is truly the best fit for their EDI needs now and in the future.”

Amanda has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cleveland State University in Graphic Design and Marketing, and an International MBA from the University of Southern New Hampshire.

Zachary Miller – Director of Client Services

Zachary Miller has over a decade of leadership experience in the software industry and has focused on improving the standards, processes, operations and product efficiency at every company position held. He has been with 1 EDI Source for 2 years and advanced consistently since his arrival as the Manager of Client Support and now as the Director of Client Services. His drive and ability to motivate his team and encourage fresh perspective has enabled his success, the success of the client services team and overall client satisfaction.

Zachary’s collaborative approach, diverse background, business knowledge and experience has allowed him to play an integral role with various business functions at 1 EDI Source and become a champion for multiple initiatives. From promoting excellence within the client services team to supporting a number of IT projects and system initiatives, his diversity continues to improve operations across departments.

Before joining 1 EDI Source, Zachary specialized in healthcare revenue cycle management at Quadax and other healthcare focused software companies. He has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Administration and Business from The University of Toledo.

Stephen Tuttle – Director of IT

Stephen Tuttle has 20 years of experience in the IT industry; managing and maintaining global data network systems. Stephen joined 1 EDI Source in 2017 and is a hands-on leader that possesses a strong background in data network, data security, and content delivery technology. Steve believes that work should be performed with a curiosity and passion to understand the how and why. He strives to provide an easier job for the next person in line. Prior to joining 1 EDI Source Steve held many IT leadership positions including: Director of IT Networking at Quinstreet, Inc., the Senior IT Management role at and more.

Stephanie Lazanich – Director of Human Resources

Stephanie’s mission as a Human Resource professional is to make a progressive impact with employees while providing a collaborative environment with leadership and staff, to promote an engaged atmosphere, enabling positive influence in business operations. Joining the 1 EDI Source team in January 2017, Stephanie brings experience in startup, growth and stable organizations from small to mid-size operations, expanding locally and globally. Stephanie has been heavily engaged in every aspect of managing cultural implications of extreme business growth, all while helping find a balance between being an advocate for staff, and an advocate for the health and success of the overall organization.

Stephanie has experience in development and implementation of performance assessments, compensation and benefits benchmarking analysis, launching learning and development programs, providing talent acquisition, best in class HR policies, providing staff counseling and much more. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to employee engagement, culture branding or driving performance, however, Stephanie’s professional training and experience, emotional intelligence to understand all perspectives, ability to be an empathetic listener and a great sounding board, has enabled her to be a terrific business advocate! Stephanie earned her Associates of Business Management and Related Technology Degree from Kent State University. She is also a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) and the Employer Resource Council (ERC).