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February 7, 2013

How can 1 EDI Source let you focus on your business?

1 EDI Source can provide your business with the security, reliability, and most up to date resources every company needs to be successful. By hiring 1 EDI Source to manage all of your EDI needs, your company can refocus on your core business. EDI is our core business, from our award winning EDI Software to our variety of outsourced solutions.

EDI is a function critical to the operation of many businesses. EDI allows organizations to electronically exchange critical business documents such as purchase orders, inventory status, shipping and packing information, sales forecasting data, and invoices with its trading partners. This communication improves the visibility of items moving through a supply chain. Without this technology many businesses would not survive. This is particularly true if your company’s customers require the use of EDI as the only method of exchanging supply chain data.

The increasingly complex mapping requirements and variety of communications require agile business relationships that drive mutual success. Whether your company is manufacturing, retail, utilities, hospitality, or even health care related, we can meet all of your EDI needs. We can process CSV, Oracle, SAP, and XML and EDI transactions, just to name a few. Our award winning software is written on-site with software engineers working closely with EDI Consultants to test, improve, and create updated EDI functionality while delivering quality applications.

Our secure, sustainable infrastructure offers “any to any” services linking partners and vendors. Our Network ensures total security and confidentiality so you can comply with the privacy and records-keeping mandates of the 21st Century. Our up to date infrastructure prevents strain on WIFI, LAN, WAN, and data center networks. Not to mention, you get higher productivity, with a lower ongoing investment in IT resources.

We can optimize the efficiency, reliability, and reach of your EDI supply chain while reducing its costs, infrastructure, and overhead. Isn’t it time you focus on your core business?