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December 13, 2012

1 EDI Source Understands that Patient Privacy is Essential for all Health Care Providers.

Let 1 EDI Source help you meet the HIPAA patient privacy requirements. Staying abreast of ever-changing Health care requirements can be daunting, let our team help. At 1 EDI Source, we have HIPAA EDI consultants available for your assistance. We understand HIPAA requirements and EDI. Our integrated communications support is just one of our many features available with our EDI/HQ software.

We have the tools to communicate with your trading partners using secure communication methods. 1 EDI Source supports many communication protocols, including vFTP, FTPs, sFTP VAN, and AS2. Although no one protocol or standard has been defined by HIPAA, AS2 is in use by many health care trading partners.

AS2 uses Digital Certificates, which are electronically signed with a Digital Signature and are exchanged to verify the identity of the sender and recipient. Message Disposition Notification response messages (MDNs) ensure the receipt of the data. Together this guarantees the message was transmitted securely. The sender and receiver are notified that the data was indeed received by the intended recipient. The combination of an MDN and a Digital Signature provides a high level of security and verification. AS2 transactions and acknowledgments occur in real-time, increasing the efficiency of data exchanges.

Let 1 EDI Source help you keep your sensitive EDI transactions safe and secure. For more information, log on to 1 EDI Source or call us at 877-334-1334