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February 26, 2008

1 EDI Source Affordable, Simple and Secure AS2 Approach

1 EDI Source, Inc., a leading provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software and Consulting Solutions, continues to differentiate their software and services by bringing value to the AS2 Specification Standard with their premier AS2 product.

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is the draft specification standard by which vendor applications communicate EDI or other business-to-business data (such as XML) over the Internet using HTTP, a standard used by the World Wide Web. AS2 provides security for the transport payload through digital signatures and data encryption, and ensures reliable, non-repudiable delivery through the use of receipts.

1 EDI Sources product AS2 Complete provides full compliance with the AS2 specification. Certified compliance with the AS2 Specification guarantees interoperability with a trading partner’s AS2 implementation.

AS2 Complete’s powerful and intuitive user interface makes AS2 communications easy, without sacrificing flexibility. 1 EDI Source has extensive experience with the AS2 products on the market. Based on our observations, usability became a prime factor in the design of AS2 Complete. Easy to set up, simple to monitor, AS2 Complete sets the standard for user interface design.

“Features like built-in certificate management really position us uniquely in the market. And with AS2 specifications there is not much room to differentiate 1 product from another. But we have done it by making AS2 COMPLETE affordable, simple and secure. No other application in the marketplace can compete with AS2 Complete’s sophisticated interface design.” said Steven Zabel, Vice President of Marketing for 1 EDI Source, Inc.