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January 14, 2011

Solving your EDI Tesing Needs

You are already aware that 1 EDI Source offers EDI mapping solutions for your business needs, but did you know we can also be your EDI testing resource?

1 EDI Source can customize a web testing portal that your trading partners can use to validate their EDI data before going live in your production system.

Our testing portals, secured by individual login access, can first provide the user with downloadable guides detailing how to format their EDI data to your specifications.

Once your trading partners have used the guide to format their data properly, they can then use the portal to submit test transactions online and receive an instant report giving feedback of any EDI data errors that need to be addressed. The web testing portal also allows the users to track the history of their individual or team testing results online. …

The New York State Department of Health recently took advantage of this product offering. They already had an in-house EDI product to process claims for one of their special service programs, but were searching for a way to test the validity of EDI data coming in from new program partners without incurring the overhead of creating an internal test system.

1 EDI Source was the solution!

… We worked with New York State Department of Health to create a customized web testing portal where new program partners can download an EDI companion document and a guide to the NYSDOH claims testing process, submit their test claims, receive an instant online report detailing any EDI data errors, and track their testing results online. …

Contact 1 EDI Source today to see if we can help with your EDI testing needs! …