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October 16, 2012

1 EDI Source Introduces Business Sense for EDI Software

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) October 16, 2012

1 EDI Source, Inc., a leading provider of electronic data interchange (EDI) software and outsourcing solutions, today introduces the Business Sense Module for its EDI software, EDI/HQ™. This new, cutting-edge module is designed to monitor and alert users of new items and transaction modifications in product price, item numbers and payment terms.

Companies that rely on EDI data often ask how they can receive alerts when a trading partner starts to buy a new item or changes pricing and payment terms without their knowledge. Some address these challenges by creating custom code while others manually review all purchase orders and invoices. Both options are time consuming and can detract attention from other essential business tasks. However, letting changes made by trading partners go undetected can cost company owners a significant amount of money.

The new Business Sense Module automates purchase order and invoice fact-checking by immediately alerting users when a trading partner changes pricing or other purchase order or invoice details.

This new EDI software module will trigger alerts when:

(1) line item details do not match previous transactions.

(2) line item pricing does not coincide with previous transactions.

(3) payment terms have been modified since the last transaction.

(4) the EDI software identifies a new, unrecognized line item.


The Business Sense Module is available on ANSI X12 transaction sets (t-sets) for both inbound and outbound 810 (invoices), 850 (purchase orders), 875 (grocery products purchase orders) and 880 (grocery products invoices). The module also is available for EDIFACT t-sets ORDERS and INVOIC.

“Add-on modules like Business Sense demonstrate 1 EDI Source’s commitment to developing innovative software solutions that help users do more than merely exchange EDI documents,” said Kelly Coode, president, 1 EDI Source. “We will continue to offer forward-thinking EDI solutions to help our clients streamline business processes and improve productivity.”

EDI/HQ software empowers businesses to control every aspect of their EDI operations. Designed as three tools in one, this software features EDI translation capabilities, data mapping and integration, and in-depth data management capabilities. A few weeks ago, 1 EDI Source announced the release of several advancements to the EDI/HQ software.

“When we released the latest version of EDI/HQ in September, I discussed 1 EDI Source’s focus on developing software that functions as a ‘manage by exception’ system – one that operates optimally with little to no human intervention,” said Vince Sarowatz, director of product development, 1 EDI Source. “The Business Sense Module is yet another example of that commitment.”

The Business Sense Module can be purchased by new and existing clients as an add-on with their current 1 EDI Source EDI/HQ Business, Server and Enterprise EDI software solutions. 1 EDI Source also recently introduced the PCI/PHI Module and the EDI Router Module – both designed to help users do more with their EDI data.

About 1 EDI Source, Inc.

1 EDI Source, Inc. is a leading provider of EDI software and outsourcing solutions. For more than 20 years, the company has served the needs of businesses ranging in size from single-person operations to Fortune 500 corporations. Clients spanning various industries including health care, manufacturing and retail rely on 1 EDI Source for proven, easy-to-use software, cloud-based solutions, data mapping applications, and comprehensive consulting and outsourcing services. Visit http://www.1edisource.com for more information.