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February 26, 2008

1 EDI Source, introduces EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers

1 EDI Source, Inc., announced their participation at U Connect 07, The GS1 US Community Event for Standards AND the introduction of their niche supplier product, EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers. The 2007 U Connect Conference for the supply chain stand

EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers has been designed specifically for 2nd and 3rd tier suppliers.

This will allow companies to enable suppliers of ALL sizes with EDI capabilities. These suppliers would not have been able to achieve EDI compliance, on their own, due to cost or technology barriers.

EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers provides a web-based interface to non-EDI compliant suppliers. EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers acts as a gateway, accepting outbound EDI data from an EDI system and sending EDI data back to it. The EDI enabling of non-EDI compliant suppliers happens transparently.

EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers supports any type of EDI transaction set including purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, shipping schedules, routing documents, carrier instructions, etc.


1 EDI Source, Inc. manages all hardware/software requirements, tests and implements relationships, and handles the day-to-day operations of the EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers helpdesk.

Steven Zabel, Vice President of Marketing for 1 EDI Source, Inc. stated, “We are excited about U Connect 2007 and the opportunity to introduce EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers to the supply chain professionals that will be in attendance. EDI SmartXchange for Suppliers makes it possible for suppliers of ALL sizes to achieve 100% EDI compliance quickly and efficiently.”