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July 9, 2013

1 EDI Source client RealTruck.com recently announced its implementation of EDI/HQ to automate purchase order processing.

In the press release, RealTruck.com, an online retailer of pickup truck accessories, discusses how EDI/HQ, electronic data interchange (EDI) software solution, facilitates more efficient data transmission between trading partners by yielding faster order fulfillment, improved order tracking, and reduced accounting costs. The growing e-commerce site also mentioned that 1 EDI Source’s software allows vendors to maintain a fixed operating cost as sales volume increases without requiring added labor to process invoices.

“EDI/HQ has made it easy for us to make use of electronic data interchange so we can automate order processing tasks that our accounting team previously had to do manually,” said RealTruck.com CTO Justin Deltener. “Getting it set up has been a simple process, and it integrates well with our existing accounting software. We were looking for a way to scale our order processing with our company’s growth. This platform allows us to increase our operating efficiency while improving the quality of our customer service.”

Read the full press release here or contact us for more information here.