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March 29, 2012

Have you been to www.1edisource.com lately?

1 EDI Source Inc. has made several updates and additions to their website that could hold answers to your questions, or that could broaden your knowledge of EDI and related fields.

For Instance, the EDI Tips and News section holds pages of information with helpful tips, as well as ideas on how to make your business more efficient.

There are instructional videos, examples of EDI documents, and even detailed pages dedicated to Integration with ERP’s like SAP.

The most recent addition is a much more in depth look at specific Transaction Sets, including examples of EDI Data; videos on how to read the EDI, and even links to Trading Partners that have recently made changes to that particular Transaction Set. Even if you are confident in your EDI system, don’t count out www.1edisource.com as a reference to assist you with becoming more familiar and comfortable with Electronic Data Interchange as a whole.