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July 11, 2012

Disaster planning is a best practice to prevent data loss situations, ensure business continuity and provide top quality service.

1 EDI Source’s Outsource Services takes steps to ensure uninterrupted service to our customers by running in a clustered server environment, which means we have multiple servers processing transactions simultaneously. If Server 1 fails or requires maintenance, then Server 2 will immediately take over the workload as a failover redundancy.

1 EDI Source’s commitment to continuous service doesn’t stop there. Our main data center’s two clustered servers are powered by two different power lines, and each bank of servers also has their own battery backup system.

As if that wasn’t enough redundancy, in the event of a catastrophic power loss each bank of servers is connected to a different diesel generator, and those diesel generators are on a Level 1 refueling list with the City of Cleveland.

Taking steps to reduce unexpected downtime should be an important part of your company’s business plan. When considering your own internal redundancy needs, remember that EDI/HQ Enterprise can accommodate clustered processing.

Contact 1 EDI Source for assistance with your business continuity planning, we would be happy to help!