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December 8, 2014

Investment in EDI/HQ software and ERP system will pay off tenfold, says Tom-Cin Metals, a Wisconsin-based company with 30 years of fabricating experience.

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) August 29, 2014

Results are in and 1 EDI Source, Inc. and Exact JobBOSS earn nine out of 10 stars in a recent client survey. Wisconsin-based Tom-Cin Metals praised the leading electronic data interchange (EDI) software firm and top enterprise resource planning (ERP) software supplier for saving the company time and money. Tom-Cin Metals also commended the software solution providers for delivering excellent customer service all while interacting seamlessly with each other.

After making the decision to install a new ERP system, Tom-Cin Metals was hit with a new EDI requirement by its trading partner, Oshkosh Corporation, a top specialty equipment manufacturing company. Tom-Cin Metals needed: (1) an EDI software solution that complied with Oshkosh’s requirements and (2) an ERP system that could help the company effectively manage its capacity and utilization of resources.

In reference to rating the integrated EDI and ERP solution provided by 1 EDI Source and Exact JobBOSS, Joe Chadwick, quality control manager at Tom-Cin Metals said, “I’m a quality guy so I don’t ever give a 10, [but] 1 EDI Source has done everything we needed and answered all my wants. It’s particularly refreshing to work with such a responsive EDI consultant – I applaud him for delivering an exceptional experience.”

After only a few months of implementation, Tom-Cin Metals has found its new EDI software and ERP system are well worth the investment.

“Sure, you’re going to have some headaches with all the changes, but they’re worth it,” said Chadwick. “The investment and time we made today will pay off tenfold down the line. For example, we already have at least one employee who went from being extremely frustrated and overworked to focusing her time on other, more rewarding tasks.”

With a 30-year history and a team of 60 employees, operational efficiency and order accuracy are top priorities for Tom-Cin Metals. Prior to purchasing solutions from 1 EDI Source and Exact JobBOSS, the company had major problems with overscheduling, inefficient data entry processes and inaccurate order handling.

“Because of the EDI software’s automation capabilities, we no longer need an employee to take orders manually and re-key the data,” said Chadwick. “With the ERP system, we are now providing better service to our trading partner Oshkosh by having easy access to order questions rather than having to rely on the production manager. By improving just these two processes, we can handle tasks in half the time. Tom-Cin Metals is also enjoying a 75% time savings in its packaging and shipping process.”

“Businesses invest in our ERP system to improve internal processes and provide a better experience for their customers,” said Matt Heerey, general manager. “We appreciate Tom-Cin Metals’ willingness to provide feedback about our solutions and are happy to hear that we are helping the company tighten control of its capacity and utilization.”

1 EDI Source’s EDI/HQ software, raising the bar on innovation, eliminates the need for manual entry, reduces transaction errors, and provides visibility into business transactions with customers and suppliers. The ERP system from Exact JobBOSS offers complete visibility, access and job control, which helps customers rest easy knowing the system delivers the tools to keep them efficient, productive and profitable.

“Making the decision to implement new EDI and ERP systems simultaneously can be tough,” said Kelly Coode, director of managed ervices at 1 EDI Source. “Our main focus is to give our clients the responsive service they need to get up and running quickly with as few hiccups as possible.”

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About Tom-Cin Metals, Inc.

Tom-Cin Metals is based in Hortonville, Wis. and has more than 30 years of fabrication skills and experience. What started as a focus on farm equipment sales, service and repair shop has grown into a custom fabrications company dedicated to supplying the best quality parts and service for its customers. Tom-Cin Metals is proud to say it is a made-in-the-USA, family-oriented business with great employees and loyal customers. Learn more at http://www.tom-cinmetals.com/index.html.