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March 12, 2014

Originally working with 1 EDI Source’s very first mapping product and then EDI Complete software, Mi-T-M needed to continue effectively managing its growing list of trading partners. The updated version of EDI HQ Software, EDI/HQ™, continues to provide automation of manual EDI processes and offers convenient and rapid invoicing along with a variety of new benefits.

About Mi-T-M

Mi-T-M is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality industrial equipment. Founded in 1971 by professional painting contractor AJ Spiegel, the corporation product line includes cold and hot water pressure washers, air compressors, generators and vacuums and heaters. Clients rely on Mi-T-M to employ the latest technology in laser cutters, ASME robotic welders and 7-stage powder-coat paint systems.


Mi-T-M has multiple people working with its trading partners on a daily basis. Before the move to a server, these employees all shared one PC to manage the EDI data. Time conflicts and lack of data visibility slowed down business productivity.
Previously relying on the automation capabilities of EDI Complete, Mi-T-M was looking for enhanced automation, specifically for invoice acknowledgement. The manufacturer needed a way to easily view data and make invoice revisions without hunting for information within the software.


For Mi-T-M, the upgrade from EDI Complete to EDI/HQ provided the additional functionality and visibility they were looking for in an EDI software solution. With EDI/HQ, new trading partners are set up automatically from a single transaction and full compliance is achieved with minimal effort.

Built upon the features of EDI Complete, EDI/HQ combines EDI translation, data mapping and data management tools in one complete solution. 1 EDI Source’s consultants provide expert assistance to solve problems, provide guidance and advice on achieving optimal EDI and exceeding ROI expectations.


“The 1 EDI Source consultants are unbeatable,” said Mike Klaren, MIS manager at Mi-T-M. “EDI/HQ is a cost-effective, user- friendly solution that allows us to manage our trading partner relationships with confidence.”

According to Mi-T-M, 1 EDI Source’s EDI solution also has allowed the company to:

(1) easily migrate from EDI Complete to EDI/HQ

(2) significantly improve data visibility

(3) offer more flexibility in error handling

(4) automate its entire invoicing process