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November 14, 2012

Making EDI Integrations with EW Turtell Software as easy as possible – an EDI Client Testimonial

1 EDI Source is the leading provider for dedicated EDI support and providing a seamless integration into our clients ERP Systems to work in conjunction with our EDI Solutions. Our knowledgeable consultants can build an EDI setup that works with any type of ERP software package and can customize it dependent upon the way our clients need to do business with their partners or need to comply with industry standards.

Baum Textile Mills is a family run business that provides quality fabrics for both the retail and manufacturing industry. They came to us into 2007 in need of an EDI Solution that would satisfy the business relationship needs of their trading partners, but also needed a solution that would work hand and hand with their EW Turtell Software package.

At the time, we had a very close working relationship with EW Turtell and we knew how the EDI setups would need to be built in order to work efficiently with Baum Textile’s software package. We worked one on one with the staff at EW Turtell and got Baum Textile’s EDI Setup up and running without having their staff be inconvenienced or taking them away from the daily tasks of running their business.

“I would like to place on record the excellent working relationship that we have had with 1 EDI Source. Their responsiveness and attention to detail is a prime example of what is construed as “special customer care”. Their support and knowledge in attaining the ultimate goal instills great confidence in their implementation of EDI systems. Each step of the EDI integration is careful handled by their competent and knowledgeable staff- which is an excellent attribute within the ambit of a sensitive installation. Would Baum Textiles recommend 1 EDI Source- an absolute- YES!”
-Norman Hart (CFO Baum Textiles)

We continue to this day to keep a good working relationship with Norman Hart with Baum Textile Mills and their business has grown as they continue to add on more trading partners and expand their EDI business relationships. Our knowledge of the EW Turtell software and reliable EDI solutions has helped them remain EDI Compliant and build a good reputation within the Textile Industry.

Our 12 year relationship with Eric Gorman and EW Turtell has also grown and we have continued to be able to work together with them to provide a solution to their customer that fulfills their EDI needs, but also provides them with additional benefits in regards to their ERP system and running the day to day operations.

“My company EW Turtell provides ERP solutions for the textile companies specializing in home furnishings. For the past 12 years we have worked with 1 EDI Source to deliver an integrated and automated solution for our customers. As a business owner I needed to develop a relationship with a reliable EDI provider. The entire process of setting up new trading partners is simple and quick. As a result I, but more importantly my customers have benefitted from their expertise. I highly recommend 1 EDI Source as an EDI provider.”
Eric Gorman (EW Turtell, Inc.)

If you have questions regarding integrating your EDI Solution with your ERP software, we can help! Our qualified EDI Consultants can start working with your company and get you a better solution for your needs without any additional hassle. Call 1 EDI Source today to see what solution would be best suited for your business or visit us on the web at 1edisource.com