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April 30, 2008

EDI WebSource Application Update

At 1 EDI Source, Inc., we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the functionality and usability of the Web-based EDI service offering by providing seamless and user-friendly EDI solutions.

We are excited to introduce a faster and more efficient EDI WebSource. Among the many administrative and development improvements which make every day EDI tasks simple and user-friendly, we have added “User Defined Folders” to the already streamlined EDI WebSource Inbox functionality.

The User Defined Folders allow EDI WebSource users to create and manage their own customer-specific folders for various internal processing purposes. Keeping standard transaction folders clean and current by managing customer-specific sub-folders under the user-defined folder will improve efficiency and eliminate confusion. Folders can be used for various organizational purposes.

Additionally, the new folders do not limit any of the actions or features available in EDI WebSource. However, by default the user defined folder is not enabled. If you are interested in using this feature, contact your EDI WebSource technician to activate the user defined folder capability and conduct a brief tutorial of this new feature.

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