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Definitions (ALL - Page 1)

  • 830

    (Planning Schedule). EDI transaction used to provide the forecasting and material release information to suppliers.
  • 997

    (Functional Acknowledgement). An EDI transaction set sent back from the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender as a means of acknowledging the receipt of the t-set. The 997 indicates receipt and acceptability of the structure of the data and allows the receiver to notify the sender of problems that may have been encountered within the data.
  • ANSI

    (American National Standards Institute). A voluntarily committee that coordinates standards. Its subcommittee, the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI ASC), recommends the X12 EDI standard.
  • ANSI X12

    (American National Standards Institute X12). EDI standard supported by American National Standards Institute. The ANSI Accredited Standards Committee (ANSI ASC) recommends a standard referred to as ANSI X12 or simply X12.
  • Application Acknowledgment

    A transaction set transmitted by the receiver of an EDI transmission to the sender as a t-set-specific response. It is sensitive to the type of transaction set or message received and reports according to the standards for the application. Application acknowledgments include Financial Return Notice (827), Purchase Order Acknowledgment (855), and Response to a Load Tender (990).
  • AS2

    (Internet Applicability Statement 2). Specifies how to transport data and the means to connect, deliver, validate, and reply to data in a secure and reliable manner.
  • ASN

    An EDI transaction used for communicating the specifics of a shipment in advance of delivery. The transaction set can be used to list the contents of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment, such as order information, product description, physical characteristics, type of packaging, marking, carrier information, and configuration of goods within the transportation equipment.
  • Compliance Checking

    A process for ensuring that the EDI transmissions comply with the established rules. This validation process is used to ensure that a transmission conforms to EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12 syntax rules or with specific implementation or subsets of X12, e. g., Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standards (VICS) or Uniform Communications Standard (UCS).
  • Composite Element

    An element that is composed of two or more component data elements separated by component data element separators. The element consists of a number of smaller data items.
  • Composite Element Separator

    Also called a Sub-Element Separator, it is a character reserved for separating composite data elements from other composite elements in an EDI element. Composite element separator characters may vary by trading partner.

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