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EDI 812

EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment:

The EDI 812 Credit/Debit Adjustment transaction set is used to communicate an adjustment to the charges for products or services. It is the equivalent of a paper credit or debit memo.

An 812 may be used by a seller to notify its customer of an increase (debit) or decrease (credit) in the amount the customer is being charged, relative to a previously transmitted Invoice (810) or previously received Purchase Order (850). Alternatively, a buyer may use the 812 to request an adjustment from a supplier.

The data in an 812 document may reference a specific Purchase Order or Invoice, and includes detailed information such as item identification, quantity and the reason for the credit or debit. Common reasons for an adjustment may include:
  • Item was defective
  • Product ordered was not received
  • Goods were or are being returned
  • Actual quantity delivered was greater or less than that ordered
  • There was an error in the pricing of the item in the original PO or invoice
The 812 transaction does not address the details of returns, only the accounting effects as a result of the return. The 180 Return Merchandise Authorization/Notification transaction is used to request or authorize returns.

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EDI 812 Format:

ISA*00*          *00*          *01*1234567890     *01*999999999      *120126*1211*U*00401*000000025*0*P*\
GS*CD*1234567890     *999999999      *20120126*1211*1*T*004010
BCD*20120227*Credit/Debit Adjustmen*A*1800515*C*20120227*Invoice Number*Vendor Order Number*20120227*Purchase Order Number*00*01*01*Reference Identification*1
N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*1243*01*01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification
PER*1A*Name*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*Contact Inquiry Refe
DTM*001*20120227*1243*01*CC*Date Time Period
SHD*17*1013*01*199*01*4*01*17233239*Pri*6*STAN*AA*01*Reference Identification
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*1616129*1*25912*77*01*2167163517371*27*01*Reference Identification*Option Number*Description*LAN
N1*01*Name*1*Identification Code*01*01
N3*Address Information*Address Information
N4*City Name*ST*POSTAL CODE*COU*A*Location Identifier
N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*12430500*01*01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification
PER*1A*Name*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*AA*Communication Number*Contact Inquiry Refe
LM*10*Source Subquali
LQ*0*Industry Code
FA2*01*Financial Information Code
CDD*01*C*Assigned Identificat*1979324906*N*Pri*294*01*22849145302749*ACT*197133256*ACT*236491739524783
LIN*Assigned Identificat*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID*A1*Product/Service ID
PO4*32*3134531*01*AMM01*A*32*01*255*01*224*4*189812*01*12542*1S*Assigned Identificat*Assigned Identificat*15285261
SAC*A*A010*10*Agency Ser*31786*1*761*7*01*1511970252*1109170431*01*Reference Identification*Option Number*Description*LAN
N9*01*Reference Identification*Free-form Description*20120227*1243*01*01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification\01\Reference Identification
DTM*001*20120227*1243*01*CC*Date Time Period
LM*10*Source Subquali
LQ*0*Industry Code
N11*Store Numb*Location Identifier*Reference Identification
N1*01*Name*1*Identification Code*01*01

EDI 812 Specification:

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Credit/Debit Adjustment Transaction Set (812) for use within the context of an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) environment. The transaction set can be used to notify a trading partner of an adjustment or billback and may be used to request an adjustment or billback. It identifies and contains the details and amounts covering exceptions, adjustments, credits, or debits for goods or services. This transaction set is multidirectional between trading partners.

Accredited Standards Committee X12. ASC X12 Standard [Table Data].
Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc., Falls Church, VA.

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