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Common EDI Transactions for Manufacturing

Purchase Orders (X12 EDI 850 or EDIFACT ORDERS), Invoices (810 or INVOIC), and other common documents are used frequently in many industries. But manufacturers also use many other EDI transactions that help illustrate the benefits of EDI for manufacturing.

  • X12 810 / EDIFACT INVOIC – Invoice – sent by manufactures to the customer to bill for goods shipped.
  • X12 830 / EDIFACT DELFOR – Planning Schedule/Material Release – provides forecast data to help suppliers manage materials and other resources, ensuring on-hand inventory of an item is available when needed to fulfill orders.
  • X12 832 / EDIFACT PRICAT – Price/Sales Catalog – used by manufacturers to provide product information and prices to their supply chain in the form of a catalog.
  • X12 846 / EDIFACT INVRPT – Inventory Inquiry/Advice – used to notify trading partners of on-hand inventory in warehouses, which may trigger shipment of materials in situations where automatic replenishment agreements exist.
  • X12 850 / EDIFACT ORDERS – Purchase Order – used to purchase materials and/or services from a supplier.
  • X12 852 / EDIFACT SLSRPT – Product Activity Data – used to provide product SKU activity data (inventory levels, sales rates, etc.) that allows suppliers to plan, ship and set re-order and stocking levels for their products.
  • X12 856 / EDIFACT DESADV – Advance Ship Notice/Manifest – communicates the contents of a shipment, sent in advance of that shipment’s arrival, which also provides information on the order, the products, the carrier used, etc.
  • X12 862 / EDIFACT DELJIT – Shipping Schedule – provides detailed shipping requirements and may be triggered by product usage, allowing suppliers to replenish items immediately, in support of JIT manufacturing.
  • X12 940 / EDIFACT INSDES – Warehouse Shipping Order – used to instruct remote warehouses to ship orders to customers, or to confirm shipments, modify shipments or cancel previous shipping orders.
  • X12 943 / EDIFACT DESADV – Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice – an advance ship notice to a remote warehouse that a transfer shipment has been made from the manufacturer.
  • X12 944 / EDIFACT RECADV – Warehouse Receipt Advice – acknowledgment of receipt of a shipment (such as may be referenced in an EDI 943 transaction) at the warehouse.

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