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IntelligentXchange for Customer Service

You get a call from a major retailer wondering why they got an invoice but no ASN. You quickly check the ERP, but couldn’t find the answer, so you leave a voicemail for the EDI coordinator.

Unfortunately though, by the time you hear back the retailer has already issued a chargeback.

How can you avoid chargebacks and the hundreds of other challenges you face related to EDI? Join us for a live demo of IntelliengentXchange.

Read how the customer service manager at Betco impacted revenue through automating customer invoice pricing controls and reducing research time.

IntelligentXchange catches EDI issues before they cost you money and strain customer relationships.

  • Solve issues quickly with self-service tools
  • Reduce and possibly eliminate chargebacks
  • Enhance customer relationships
     Request a demo by completing the form, calling 1.877.334.3678 or sending us an email.

“This is exactly what we need to all be on the same page as we work towards achieving operational excellence.”

--Shannon Iverson, Customer Support Manager, Betco Corporation
Page Title: IntelligentXchange for Customer Service