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New EDI Reader – Elevating the Role of EDI in Your Business

Do you need to share EDI data in a way others in your organization can understand?

New with the release of EDI/HQ v3.3, the EDI Reader, a built-in feature of the core product, transforms in real time native EDI transactions into an easy to read documents.  Formatting the EDI syntax into its business format, the EDI Reader frees your EDI processes from the confines of three number acronyms and puts the true power of business data integration into the hands of those who need it most. Presenting an EDI 850 as a real Purchase Order, an EDI 810 as a real Invoice and other X12 standard documents as their respective business documents, the EDI Reader extends the reach of EDI further into your organization.

Do you have EDI transactions that cannot be integrated into your back office system and need a way to easily view these EDI documents? 

Producing a readable EDI report is the fastest way to get the right information into the hands of your internal stakeholders. Transactions such as a Remittance Advice (820) or Text Messages (864) often are not mapped to a back office system. With the new EDI Reader, you can configure the inbound EDI processes to automatically create readable EDI document reports and email those reports directly to your email inbox whenever the documents are received.

Do your customer service representatives and collections accountants find themselves researching issues in the EDI data? 

Providing them a copy of the formatted EDI document allows them to quickly understand the business context of the issue to more quickly address pricing or quantity issues on Purchase Orders and Invoices.

Elevating the role of EDI as more than just the transmission of data and exposing your mission critical information in a way that can be understood throughout your organization, 1 EDI Source continues to innovate new solutions to solve your business challenges, allowing you to realize the full potential of EDI enablement.

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