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If you are like many businesses using legacy EDI translators, your business users are frustrated.

Do any of these complaints sound familiar?
  • Technology teams spend too much time researching questions, distracting them from more strategic initiatives.
  • Executive leadership is resigned to the fact that customer fines and chargebacks are simply a cost of doing business.
  • Accounting faces high DSO on customer payments due to shipping or invoice-related issues.
  • Shipping sends advance ship notices late since they weren’t alerted.

While a long-term solution may be to replace your legacy Gentran solution, we have a solution that can immediately transform your B2B operations.

IntelligentXchange is designed to easily integrate with Gentran and can provide what you’re users are missing most: visibility of key metrics around pricing, invoice issues, shipping and more. 

Now accounting, customer service and fulfillment are empowered to significantly reduce fees and invoice discrepancies, allowing the company to capture more revenue.

Best of all, IntelligentXchange can be implemented in just two days, no hardware or IT resources needed.

 So if you’re ready to transform your B2B exchanges, let us show you around the solution.

Or allow us to perform a free, no-obligation assessment of how IntelligentXchange can significantly improve your operations.

Call 1.877.334.9650 or send us an email.

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