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EDI Solutions for General Business Services

EDI for Business Services

You need a powerful and flexible EDI solution that can meet your unique business requirements.

The business uses of EDI are as diverse as the types of transactions that EDI supports. Because your business model is unique, you need an EDI solution that can be tailored to meet your specific goals. EDI/HQ™ is the most powerful EDI solution on the market and can accomplish your most demanding customer requirements head on.

Claims, invoice and payroll processing services enabled by EDI/HQ™

If you’re in the business of processing insurance claims, serve as a third party payroll service or fulfill your customer’s invoice processing needs, you need a solution that can receive, transform and integrate EDI documents into your back-office systems and support your unique services.  EDI/HQ™ includes a powerful EDI processing capability to ensure that you can support your customer’s needs and fully enable your value-added business practices.

EDI data auditing and analysis powered by EDI/HQ™

Whether you audit your customer’s EDI transactions or access them to provide actionable business analytics, you need a solution that can receive significant volumes of data, transform it into the way you need to look at it and integrate that data into your standard, or even custom, analytics engine. Our EDI solutions are innovative while flexible enough to be tailored to your specific needs.

High volume transaction management though EDI/HQ™

If you are a high volume telecommunications or utilities company or process transactions on their behalf, why would you ever consider a solution that charges for each and every transaction? You need a solution that is as scalable as your business; that can support your processing needs without penalizing you for your accomplishments. EDI/HQ™ provides you with the ability to process transactions how you need to process them, with full control to grow your business and realize continued success.

The flexibility and adaptability of the EDI/HQ™ platform uniquely positions you to tackle the most demanding of business challenges. To learn more about how EDI/HQ™ can support your business needs, contact our experts.

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