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EDI/PX Supplier Portal

You have already started using EDI to exchange information with your customers and have experienced firsthand the value to your business of exchanging information seamlessly with your EDI Trading Partners. Then you started to explore how to increase EDI usage with your supplier base to obtain that same value from your supplier network. Unfortunately, not all of your suppliers are EDI compliant.  So…now what?

To get the most out of being EDI-compliant, you want to exchange EDI data with your suppliers as well as your customers. We make it easy, with the EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal.  With this service, 1 EDI Source provides your non-EDI compliant suppliers a web-based portal to receive and respond to your EDI messages.

Make All of Your Trading Partners Your EDI Partners

Exchange EDI with everyone, with the EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal. Non-EDI compliant suppliers get a simple web interface to send and receive any document type, including invoices, purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, and more. All EDI transaction sets and versions (ANSI X12, EDIFACT, etc.) are supported.

You send and receive EDI data, just the way you want. We manage everything in between.

Achieve Total Compliance

Not all of your suppliers have the technology or resources to be EDI compliant. But with the EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal, you won’t know the difference. Your purchase orders, advanced shipping notices, shipping schedules, and other EDI documents are sent and received just as they would with any other EDI compliant supplier. Using a simple web-based interface, your suppliers can easily access these documents and create new ones to send to you. 

With greater levels of EDI compliance, you are able to improve your own internal efficiencies and gain better visibility over how your suppliers are participating in your supply chain. EDI enablement throughout your supplier network will provide you the information you need to evaluate the performance of your suppliers in order to maximize your supplier relationships.

Let Us Manage the Process

1 EDI Source handles all the hardware and software, testing and implementation with your suppliers as well as any of the day-to-day operations support. We can also ensure their full compliance with all EDI requirements by providing validation checks at every step in the process.

We will also work with you to develop the business logic and workflow, so your EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal processes integrate seamlessly with the rest of your EDI processes. The EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal is virtually invisible to you, accepting EDI data from your EDI system and responding in kind with EDI data from your suppliers.

Helping You by Helping Your Suppliers

With the EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal, 1 EDI Source will manage your trading partners so that their documents, data, pricing and processes are accurate and complete, including changes and acknowledgements. They get:

  • An individual EDI mailbox to receive your purchase orders and other documents, alerts and messages.
  • Simple to use web-based data entry forms to create their response documents, such as advance ship notices, invoices, etc. that will be sent back to you as EDI documents.
  • Workflow-based alerts advising them immediately when a new document arrives, or when a transaction is about to become past due.

We’ll even handle on-boarding, working with your suppliers to help them migrate to the service, get trained and get going fast. 


Your EDI/PX™ Supplier Portal is implemented with the world-class service and support you expect from 1EDISource, for you and your suppliers.Ready to convert your suppliers to EDI Trading Partners? Contact us to learn more about the EDI/PX Supplier Portal.

EDI/HQ™ is delivered with individualized support from 1EDISource, ensuring that your EDI software solution does everything you need, the way you need it, when you need it.

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